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HipGuide provides affinity marketing. We create promotions which give brands an appealing message in front of our audience.

*HipGuide does not sell our member list.
Esquire classic brand example

HipGuide gave established brands, Esquire and it's two clients, Volkswagen and Chrysler new buzz with a whole new audience. With HipGuide's readers buying recommended items 87% of the time and over-attending endorsed events, HipGuide worked with Esquire, Volkswagen and Chrysler's on two film festivals, ultimately selling out 8 weeks worth of events.
Giorgio Armani consumer product brand example
Giorgio Armani

HipGuide paired Giorgio Armani colour with ID Models and came up with the Feel Like A Model campaign, driving awareness of Giorgio Armani colour to more than 20,000 potential new clients. The campaign discovered a new face for both companies, received press in the Daily News, and booked so many counter appointments that wait lists had to be created and sales soared during the campaign, rocketing to 5 times the brands usual numbers.
Tesoro beverage brand example
Tesoro Beer

In a market full of other beers, Cerveza Tesoro needed name recognition, sampling opportunities, awareness in the press and by potential premises all at once. HipGuide put Tesoro's beer's brand and logo in front of 8000 HipGuide consumers with 30,000+ impressions in print & online, put the beer into the hands of 2000 tastemakers and drew the attention of 150 members of the press, each of whom took home information about Cerveza Tesoro.
Buddha Bar music brand example
Buddha Bar III

With Parisian CD series Buddha Bar's 1st & 2nd CD lagging in sales, HipGuide created a campaign in four days, for 2000+ influencers to have the Buddha Bar CD III experience. The desire created for the elusive Buddha Bar CD III drove press clips as far flung as Le Figaro, brought a crowd clamouring to attend the opening party and ultimately sent the CD to number 1 in sales at 3 major record chains and number 3 on the Billboard Music charts.
HipGuide has also worked with Revlon, Kenneth Cole, Johnnie Walker, Moet & Chandon, Original Sin Cider, VH1, Nautica and other brand-oriented companies.

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