Lucky's Lounge
355 Congress Street
617 357 LUCK

This two-roomed dive bar features live entertainment Wednesday through Sunday, and this can be anything from the Sinatra cover band to a recent night of live honky tonk rock to the locals doing a little jig. (The latter may not be orchestrated by management but certainly qualifies as entertaining, and is a reason to come here.) Though it has it's fair share of rich students and yuppies who come here for dirty martinis and Boston brews, what makes this space authentic is that it also gets a fair number of real Boston folk, from the T stop conductor stopping in for his after- work drink to the middle- aged couple in matching Hawaiian shirts dancing cheek to cheek. When bands aren't on, there's the requisite Michael Jackson tunes but there's also some old Eagles and Alabama played. Dancing takes place and you get the feeling that any kind goes. Whether it's good or bad luck, this place will celebrate or let you drown your sorrows.


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