3131 Las Vegas Blvd South
702 770 3350

They call it the "ultra lounge" and it is ultra here - as in a shot of Louis Treize will set you back nearly as much as actual bottle. What it hasn't become is ultra Vegas. Though on the surface it looks more like the TV show than any other spot in town - in the sense that people sit around looking pretty in the new wares they bought in the casino shops, hoping other people will notice how gorgeous they are - what's missing is the local flare. The ever- changing industry night and less- than- friendly friends and family for the local club goers has had a chilling effect on this spot. Nonetheless, it is the crown jewel of Steve Wynn's newest toy - and yes, more so than La Bete, which didn't open when the hotel did - and has since become Tryst. So more of a socialising bar than anything else, if you don't like the white drapes, and purple hue cast on them, you can cozy up outside on the patio to the fire pit too. It's bottle service and guys have a hard time avoiding the cover, there is a DJ most nights playing house and dance mixes but there's not an actual dance floor. All in all, it makes the cut for being Wynn but it's not the winner in Vegas.


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