Noir Bar
3900 Las Vegas Boulevard South
The Luxor Hotel
702 262 5257

From Pure Management is the first Vegas spot that can be entered directly through its own entrance. No more mandatory aimless meandering through the casino to find your nightlife. Whether it will play out this way or not (hey, it's hard to be subtle in this city), the goal of Noir is privacy and discretion - without obnoxious velvet ropes. VIP areas are tucked into corners cordoned off by furniture and shadows. And when they say VIPs, they mean Vegas VIPs (read: high rollers) not just celebrities. The bartenders are said to make any personalised drink you want, blending your favorite alcohol, fruit, spice: "nothing is impossible." To go with dessert carts featuring strawberries jubilee and cherries flambé. "A personal refuge, an upscale speakeasy, a salon with a French flavor" in the words of Pure. We're not sure it's possible to be all those things since French salons were quite different than speakeasies, but the effort for something that is not flashy in Sin City is incredibly admirable. And we support it.


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