Eight Moorgate EC2
25 Christopher Street
011 44 808 180 1858

Members Club Eight Moorgate EC2 either comes at a good or a bad time
depending on who you ask. The sister club to Eight Bank EC3 has opened
during a time when bankers excesses are frowned upon (such as their
memberships) and yet at the exact same time, some banks have announced
record profits (read, bonuses). So this two floor space has hedged
their bets. With budget- friendly aspects such as monthly dues (vs.
requiring annual commitment) and BBQs on their bi-level outdoor
terrace, the space also has all the luxury bits such as cigar & whisky
tastings, an on- site tailour, jeweller, library, bar and restaurant.
There's an all day menu as well as breakfast and while not the cutting
edge of cuisine, what works is chef Richard Lyndon serves up the kind
of very straightforward, reliable fare ( such as grilled scallops over
black pudding, red pepper risotto and grilled lamb chops over
ratatouille) one wants when taking out a first- time client or having
lunch with a fussy eating colleague, while pastry chef Vanessa Antoli
(ex Tom Aikens and The Berkeley Hotel) wows with finales such as a
tonka bean parfait with cherry compote. Members privileges include
events such as an art exhibition by Charlie Phillips who owns the
stylish Eleven gallery and pastry masterclasses with Vanessa.


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