Stephen Lachter
16 Savile Row
011 44 207 734 1433

A good bespoke tailour is hard to find. Legendary Stephen Lachter, whose client list includes Cary Grant, Frank Sinatra, Ralph Fiennes, and Clint Eastwood, is the man we pick. If you can, it's best to go directly to his Savile Row shop to see all the swatch books for his shirts - or he travels to New York twice a year. He makes very traditional mens and womens dress shirts in a tremendous range of fabrics. He doesn't do crazy outfits or replicate things; he's not that kind of tailour and don't ask him to adjust anything. That just isn't what this nice man's specialty is. What he is expert at is making you look good in the classic button down. And we're lucky he still plies his trade so get them while you can.


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Stephen Lachter

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