1716 North Cahuenga Boulevard
323 461 8190

A dance club? A strip club? What's the difference any more. Not that much in Matt Stone, Omar and Mark Moss's minds. The boys who set out to create a spot with the vibe of a strip club, in the old Pa Paz space, have succeeded. Spelled you know what backwards, this is now known as the spot where Casey Johnson and Bijou Phillips had their tussle with Playboy pinup Nicole Lenz. Early on it was just a spot where celebs such as Jessica and Nick, Christina Aguilera, Jared Leto, Britney, Vince Vaughn, Matthew Perry, Jessica Alba, Freddie Prinze Jr., Heath Ledger, Alicia Keys got jiggy with it. Now it seems it's a space for barely legal heiresses to jiggle with drunk frat girls and their Soprano- wannabe boyfriends. Cheeeeesy.


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