9077 Santa Monica Boulevard
310 859 8369

Interesting that now that Brent Bolthouse and Sam Nazarian have parted ways, SBE has gone with this spot as a club. Now no doubt Nazarian's SBE (Katsuya, S Bar etc) know what they're doing and can fill a room; in fact, perhaps no one does it better than them. So when they turned supper club Foxtail into a futuristic nightclub, they must have known what they were doing. Going back to the basics? Dancing? Music? Celebrities? With purply black lights and oodles of neon, this place reminds us of something out of Less Than Zero meets A Night at the Roxbury meets Tron (little bit of faux Hollywood pitch speak there for you...) so perhaps it will bring back all the lavishness of flowing dollars of those eras.... especially as the focus is bottle service.


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