1237 Lincoln Road
305 987 8885

A mod colour changing lounge that seems to draw people for the food, we'd really recommend it more as a bar. While people rave about the small plates such as a crackle pop tuna roll, tater tots, rock shrimp, crabcake sliders and scallop skewers; it is still bar food. High end bar food, but better food is to be had in Miami. This spot is for the entertaining drinks, served with dry ice (and a sticker tag of $15-17 a pop) with cutesy names such as the NoVel with aged rum, the FeVer, the Disco Fizz, and the ReVive drink with Ašai. A digital mural projects Miami views and late at night, DJs spin clubbier music. It never rises to the fever pitch of the superclubs and whether the Epcot Center feel of the place will last, we're dubious, but a great place to take out of town guests or a date, this spot fills a niche in Miami.


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