The Art of Shaving
9700 Collins Avenue #216, Bal Harbour
305 865 0408

With the beauty industry adoring women and eclipsing the less fair sex, and a scary growth in Abercrombie's revenues, have men come under the erroneous assumption that they are still cute when they are hairy, ungroomed and fat? Hark back to the days when reveling in your manliness didn't have to involve Cro- Magnon, Robert Bly kind of behaviour. The Art of Shaving combines the old barbershop purpose and tradition with a more modern spa touch. A man of a certain upbringing knows that caring for himself does not make him a sissy and that after you outgrow your pimples, those pieces of toilet tissue hanging from your face just aren't an aphrodisiac. So stop in for a proper Royal Shave, Beard Trim or Aromatherapy Skin treatment. All accessorised with hot towels, the proper straight razor, lavender oil.


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