Smith and Mills
71 No Moore Street
212 219 8568

In typical Beatrice Inn-style, this spot only takes cash, has no signage, and is the size of a mint tin. But fortunately for owner Matt Abramcyk, the other side of him, the Employees Only side, has led this spot to actually serving food, therefore lending it some potential staying power. Granted that's not the reason you came; escape from the expensive bistros of Tribeca is. And that's reason enough to suffer through the attitude of the staff (What, you mean being cooler than you isn't training? Who knew. Entitlement and disaffection are their middle names.) All that aside, a reasonably relaxed drinking spot, with a cool toilet in an elevator that is (for now) a breath of fresh air from the expense account, fuschia-platinum-puce card eateries surrounding it. p.s. though less ridic than other options, at about $13 a drink, you should still bring plenty of green.


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