453 West 17th Street
212 242 1111

All that power and still no one to answer emails or the telephone? Well maybe they're focused on the party inside. Ronnie Madra, Jeffrey Jah, Scott Sartiano and Richie Akiva's new place (names in no particular order, guys) is like a ranch encrusted with gold. In fact you wouldn't think there was a recession coming or any flux in banker spending what with the gold sinks, golden art, ostrich banquettes, gold curtains, massive DJ system, $20 cocktails and Dom Perignon ice buckets. There's oak too of course, worked in there between the mirrors and 'cowboy in the urban jungle' theme (our words, not theirs.) Apparently bottle service is not dead. Is there room enough in this town that's gone the way of speakeasies for another place to rival Marquee? Not sure yet, but that sure seems to be the plan. Anyway, we welcome another club. There just aren't any good ones left and this one's sure to be rocking. Oh, and ta-dum, there will be food too.


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