Air Royale International

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When you graduate from cattle cargo flying, private jet becomes the only way to go. While some services offer fractional jet ownerships (we've always been confused. Which part of the G 5 would you own if say you owned 1/100 of the plane...), this luxurious "aerial limousine", based in L.A., offers completely private aircraft. No fractional nothing. Not even a fractional rep. You get your own Air Royale International rep., complete with the rep's home tele number. (Try not to abuse it!) Reported to have one of the quickest response time in the biz, if you happen to be in NY, L.A. or London at that moment, you can have a plane at your disposal within three hours. With long term clients such as Dreamworks, Paramount Studios, Major League Baseball and The World Bank, you'll be in good company. Just remember to take us along next time you rent the Boeing Business Jet, which comes complete with a Master Stateroom, Bedroom, full bath, three living area, dining and even a lounge area.


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Air Royale International
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