It's Easy Passport
125 Park Avenue, 2nd Floor
Satellite Airline Terminal
866 487 3279

We're the kind of people who think if you hand over your passport while clearing security at the airport, it will get stolen; never mind the gripping fear that comes with trusting it to the post office for renewal or to get a travel visa. Therefore once upon a time, if you were as travel-happy and bureaucracy-phobic (a word we just made up on the spot) as us, to renew your passport meant sitting all day at Rockefeller Centre. Now that that's no longer an option, this passport expediter is a dream come true. Across from Grand Central - or you CAN mail it to them - is this handy and painless concierge. You have to take care of getting the photos and filing out the form on the government's website (there's a link from their website to it), but then go in person and this company will take care of all the rest. Forget your checks? No problem, they'll issue a money order to the government for you. Lickety split in 24 hours (or if you are feeling cheap, about a week later) you can go back and pick up your brand new passport. Or it (and your old expired one with its treasured travel stamps) will arrive on your doorstep. We never link to websites (no exceptions) but Maria and David at this company were so good and when it comes to government papers, we don't mess around so here's the info: Happy trails!


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