Mr. Smith's
34 7th Street
Cloud Nine Motel
415 355 9991

It can be amateur night here with the staff when it comes to guest lists and booked parties. There's also oodles of stories about messed up credit card charges so pay cash, but outside of all that, the three floors (if you get in and if you get service) is good because there is something for everyone. There's a dance floor in the basement, a VIP area with bottle service and a great big bar on the main floor for those who just want strong drinks. It's exposed brick, brown leather banquettes and faux Victorian touches as well as 80s, hip hop and rock basics, so they're not going to win any awards for creativity but if it's a solid SoMa bar you want, this is the one. p.s. if you're an experienced bar manager or publicist, maybe you can convince them they need one, because they do; they just don't know it.


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