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We love when bars call themselves “high concept lounges”. It cracks us up. How high could the concept be? With us, it’s ‘get a drink, hope the people aren’t too ugly and maybe there’s some danceable good music’, what more is there? Well at Dolce they actually think you might find heaven. Whether it be on the dance floor with their DJs or in the VIP room, this place is aiming for the Ice Las Vegas crowd. And they even hired their designer. Though it’s been heavily re-worked into a white- washed mod palace, this place has history. It started as Mona’s, SF’s first lesbian bar, where Gladys Bentley, a pianist in top hat and white tails used to play. In 1948 it became Ann’s then the Chi Chi Club. Robert Nunez, who also owned the spot when it was gay icon Chi Chi, is now joined by Brendan Coen (Sno-Drift) and promoters Peter Scully and Trevor Hewitt in this seriously mainstream incarnation.


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